Konstruct: Isokon Stories

Manchester Craft and Design Centre, May 2017

Opening in 1934 the Isokon Building or Lawn Road Flats was an experiment in social housing and shared living space; it became a home and a hub for a variety of interesting people - artists, writers, including Agatha Christie, Russian spies and refugees including notable artists from the Bauhaus, fleeing Nazi Germany, such as László Moholy Nagy. These residents, the building’s history and modernist photography from the same era inspired this project. 

Exhibition Tuesday 9th-11th May 2017 Manchester Craft Centre, Northern Quarter, Manchester.






Self-published newspaper / artist's book, PlatForm, printed December 2016. A photographic narrative and poem about everyday journeys through Manchester. Limited edition distributed in public areas of Manchester. Please click the button above to view an online version of the publication.

Exhibited March 2016 at MMU Faculty Festival.




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Creative Practice, Unit X

London Scottish House, Manchester, May 2016.


Response to the Whitworth Art Gallery. 

The original idea for the Whitworth was to create a source of perpetual gratification for the people of Manchester. 
In it's 127 years it has changed and reinvented itself but the original aim has remained constant for the people of Manchester and for the thousands of people passing through the city.

This work is a collection of moments captured in the gallery, small pockets of time reflecting the changes within that constant. 

I Keep Imagining Another Place

The Side Gallery (Part of the Holden Gallery Manchester School of Art), February 2015


‘I wonder which was more frightened, among old tribes: those bursting out of their darkness of woods upon all the space of light, or those from the open tip-toeing into the forests.’

‘I should think the second,’ she answered.

‘Yes you do feel like one of the open space sort – trying to force yourself into the dark – don’t you?’

‘How should I know?’ she answered

DH Lawrence, Sons and Lovers


The photographs here are a personal response to the landscape of the Upper Calder Valley, Yorkshire, UK. This beautiful, scarred, mythical landscape has provided inspiration for many poets and photographers including Ted Hughes, Fay Godwin and Sylvia Plath. The series was made using analogue medium and large format film.

With thanks to The Arvon Foundation and the staff of The Ted Hughes Arvon Centre, Lumb Bank, Heptonstall, West Yorkshire for their kind help and permission to shoot at Lumb Bank, once home to Ted Hughes. www.arvon.org


Mixed media, digital print

Pattern Cutting

We Are Creative Practice, Exhibition, The Side Gallery Manchester School of Art, May 2014


Pattern Cutting was a collaborative project with Manchester School of Art Department of Fashion. It resulted in a series of images for the Creative Practice Exhibition in May 2014 and two publications made in collaboration with senior lecturer Amanda Langdown promoting sustainable fashion, click the link below to view.